Implementing Stealth Commitments for use in Waku

February 29, 2024

Buffing up your stealth commitment privacy!

Using Interep for Sybil Resistant RLN

July 11, 2023

Anonymous rate-limiting with web2 reputation?

Type 4 ZK-EVM's are slept on

June 29, 2023

Discussion about why type 4 systems may be underrated

Scale Waku with deterministic sharding

May 27, 2023

Improve bandwidth efficiency of Waku by using deterministic sharding

Censorship in p2p networks

August 10, 2022

Some thoughts about censorship

Migrating Message Queues

March 13, 2022

How we migrated between MQ servers with 0 downtime

Running and Managing a Local InfluxDB Instance

November 28, 2021

Provisioned with Terraform

Terraform: Lessons Learnt

November 20, 2021

My experience with Terraform and IaC

Contract Proxy Patterns

July 04, 2021

Exploring Contract upgradeability

Gitcoin GR10 Hackathon

June 29, 2021

Trading monitor for Dodo Labs

Dev Log #1

June 06, 2021

Decentralized IOT OTA Updates

OTA for IoT

May 29, 2021

Notes on OTA updates for IoT Devices

Notes on devp2p

May 23, 2021

Ethereum's Backbone

Experimenting with a new stack

May 09, 2021

A mix of Fastify, Prisma and Typescript

Initial notes on ZK-Proofs and IoT

May 03, 2021

My notes on the potential of zk-proofs with IoT

Overview of Secret Management on Kubernetes

April 11, 2021

My thoughts on secret management solutions on k8s

Setting up GitOps for GKE

April 04, 2021

How I managed to setup GitOps for GKE

Genesis Block

March 27, 2021

Where it all began

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