July 02, 2024

Contact Info

  1. Email: [email protected]
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Privacy and anonymity are one of the core tenets of what I'd like to work on. Robust, well-written and maintainable code is something I strive to work towards.

Relevant Experience

  1. Protocol Engineer @ Status

    Start Date: 22nd August, 2022

    End Date: Currently work here

    Majority of the work was done on nwaku, which is the Nim implementation of the Waku protocol. Also contributed to research around p2p zero-knowledge rate limiting, RLN, and scaling the Waku network. I also worked on the zerokit library, which is a set of modules for zk-proofs written in Rust.

    Tech Stack Used:

    • Nim
    • Rust
    • Sqlite
    • Github Actions CI/CD
    • TypeScript
    • Libp2p
    • Circom

  2. Software Engineer @ Connect Financial

    Start Date: 2nd June, 2021

    End Date: 20th August, 2022

    My work entailed writing packages in Node.JS for the core microservice architecture. Managed Infrastructure on GCP with Terraform, setup CI/CD build pipelines for GKE as well. I Had to make key design and framework decisions to ensure we followed modern best-practices. Responsible for the risk-engine that managed the user's crypto risk on the platform. The risk-engine was written in Rust for performance reasons, and was deployed as a microservice on GKE.

    Tech Stack Used:

    • TypeScript
    • Redis
    • Postgres
    • Sequelize
    • Express
    • Node.JS
    • React
    • Kubernetes
    • Github Actions CI/CD
    • Terraform
    • Rust

  3. Consultant @ Connect Financial

    Start Date: 1st February, 2021

    End Date: 1st April, 2021

    Was brought on to help with the testing and deployment of the staking platform of Connect Financial. Worked with Javascript, React, GCB, Hardhat and ethers.js.

    Tech Stack Used:

    • TypeScript
    • Solidity
    • Hardhat
    • React
    • IPFS

  4. Contract Software Engineer @ ZeroDao Finance (previously 0confirmation)

    I Wrote SDKs and scripts for a swap protocol based on libp2p, and SDKs for the decentralized multichain swap, powered by renVM and libp2p.

    Tech Stack Used:

    • TypeScript
    • Hardhat
    • Solidity
    • Libp2p

  5. Junior Software Engineer @ Framework Ventures

    Start Date: 1st June, 2020

    End Date: 1st February, 2021

    My work at Framework entailed writing integrations for various DeFi protocols, and managing our Eth Node infrastructure on GCP, along with setting up of CI/CD of proprietary trading processes for GKE. I managed to learn about GCP and GKE during my first month here, and soon became the point person for all deployment related queries. I was also responsible for building a highly efficient and powerful data collection system in Rust, which ingested data from 10+ Cex's, with 100+ tickers each.

    Tech Stack Used:

    • JavaScript (Node.Js)
    • Ethers.js
    • React
    • Rust
    • GKE

  6. Contract Software Engineer @ DIA

    a. Was brought on to write a EVM-compatible bridge node in JS, which is currently used in DIA's network.

    b. Worked on a smart contract monitor that is used by DIA to monitor the health and status of their contracts, which is used on their status page.

    Tech Stack Used:

    • Javascript
    • Ethers.js

Relevant Certifications

  1. Polkadot Blockchain Academy, First Cohort
  2. Architecting with Google Kubernetes Engine Specialization
  3. Blockchain by SUNY Specialization
  4. Cisco Networking Basics Specialization
  5. IBM Data Analyst


  1. B.Tech in Mechatronics Engineering

    University: Manipal Institute of Technology

A lot of what I learn throughout my course is constantly applied to work. The IIoT major offered info-sec courses and database administration courses as well.


  1. Poseidon hasher in huff: Super optimized for 1 input, consumes 9k gas less than the standard implementations.
  2. Reinforced Concrete in huff: More secure than Poseidon, with lower gas. Some tricks used to reduce gas costs, including optimizing the implementation by the paper authors.
  3. erc-5564-stealth-commitments: Adapted the stealth address scheme to the bn254 curve, allowing stealth commitments for anonymous membership sets.
  4. A supplychain contract written in Solidity
  5. Decentralized OTA Updates to IoT Devices, that uses ipfs and solidity
  6. Quadratic voting parachain
  7. Waypoint plugin for GCP Artifact Registry


  1. Gitcoin Grants Round 10: Dodo Trading Monitor

    Written using Typescript and Fastify, this project aims to be the standard user facing API for all dexes. It includes and SDK as well as an example implementation for a Dex. The Goal of it is to provide an interface for the dex, to connect contract events to real-world events, and expose a similar websocket connection to the end users to receive updates.

    Project, Bounty

  2. ZK Hack Istanbul: Reinforced Concrete Implementations

    Wrote RC hash in multiple languages, including Circom, O1js, and solidity, won the bounty from Polygon.


  1. Typescript/Node.JS - 8.5/10
  2. Terraform - 7/10
  3. Solidity - 8/10
  4. Kubernetes - 9/10
  5. Fastify/Express/Koa - 7/10
  6. React - 6/10
  7. Ethereum Core - 8.5/10
  8. Ethereum Application Layer - 8.5/10
  9. Rust - 9/10
  10. Nim - 8/10
  11. Huff - 9/10